Cast EditEdit

  • Christina Cox as Victoria "Vicki" Nelson
    Christina Cox (tvs - Blood Ties) -

    Christina Cox

  • Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy
  • Dylan Neal as Mike Celluci
  • Gina Holden as Coreen Fennel

Recurring guest stars EditEdit

  • Françoise Yip as Kate Lam
  • Nimet Kanji as Dr. Rajani Mohadevan
  • Keith Dallas as Dave Graham
  • Eileen Pedde as Allison Crowley
    Kyle Schmid (tvs - Blood Ties) -

    Kyle Schmid

  • Linda Sorensen as Dr. Betty Sagara

Minor characters EditEdit

  • Norman Bridewell (Michael Eklund)
  • Greg the doorman (Jody Racicot)
  • Astaroth (John Mann)
  • Ian Reddick (Juan Riedinger)
  • Demon (Mark Oliver)
  • Goth Bartender (Nickolas Baric)
  • Salonera (Patricia Isaac)
  • Magaera (Monique Ganderton)
  • Javier Mendoza (Julian Sands)
  • Paul 'Dirty' Deeds (Steve Bacic)
  • Chuntao Fang (Kira Clavell)
  • Christina (Laura Mennell)
  • Lexia (Jody Thompson)
  • Wynter (Olivia Sonya Cheng)

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